Ahimsa silk organza garment featuring spun glass and wild rubber embellishment, 2018

Animal products including fur, feathers and exotic skins are problematic materials yet they remain popular as decorative embellishments in contemporary fashion. Alternatives to Fur & Exotics explores how novel textile embellishments can be created based on the historical and contemporary attraction of fur and exotic animal materials, forming future embellishment which can be created using new and sustainable non-animal materials

As part of this project, fashion industry associated with the decorative use of fur and exotic animal materials, as well as historic artefacts in the Victoria & Albert Museum, fed into the development of the design brief. A range of alternative forms of embellishment were explored, including experiments with materials varying from glass yarn, to wild rubber and sustainable sequins, in combination with the creation of novel material manipulation techniques.

Spun glass and wild rubber embellishment artefact using a threaded rubber technique, 2018

Fashioned from Nature, Design Society, Shenzhen, China, 2020

Fashioned from Nature, The Natural History Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2019
Fashioned from Nature, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK, 2018-2019