Current: Fashioned from Nature, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK

‘The first UK exhibition to explore the complex relationship between fashion and nature from 1600 to the present day’

Exhibiting a dress in the ’21st Century Designers’ section of the exhibition.

As part of ongoing research into embellishment alternatives to fur and exotic animal materials, a dress from ahimsa-silk organza was created  featuring spun-glass and wild rubber embellishments. The particular focus for this dress being light and ethereal qualities most often associated with feathers and fur.

Spun glass is manufactured in the UK from a continuous filament process and offers an unconventional yet haptic decoration that moves with the wearer. Wild rubber strips used to hold the glass are hand cut and sourced from a workers cooperative in Brazil who extract the rubber from wild trees in the Amazon Rainforest. The main body of the dress is made from ahimsa-silk organza – ahimsa stands for ‘non-violence’; it is a more humane silk alternative extracted after the silk worm has emerged from its cocoon, sourced from a cooperative in Cambodia.

Open from 21st April 2018

Past: The Presence of Boundless Potentiality in the Thought World and the Society of Nature, Onca Gallery, Brighton, UK

‘A presentation of works and research by Sabina Sallis and guest artists Aleksandra Borys and Naomi Bailey-Cooper that grew out of a residency that the three artists participated in last year at Labverde in the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil’

Exhibited ‘Active Specimens’, a series of textile samples to be interacted with.

Inspired by the way in which scientist’s record life in the forest that often includes the use of a euthanized specimen, the aim was to explore the recording of animal species further as a designer by using a more poetic approach. Through textiles, which offer the qualities of movement and tactility lost in current physical samples, the activity of three different insect species found in the rainforest were recorded. For example, a leaf hopper nymph which jumps away when touched, represented through the application of magnets sewn into each embellishment which jump to and away from each other when handled.

Open 9-10th March 2018