Fur: A Sensitive History
Professor Jonathan Faiers
Yale University Press

Designing alternatives to animal materials with Naomi Bailey-Cooper
Spirit of Design podcast

Naomi Bailey-Cooper: Championing fashion that does no harm
Team Zerrin
Zerrin Magazine

Transfashional – Post/Inter/Disciplinary Lexicon, Dobrila Denegri, di: Angewandte

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Olivia Wycech
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Big Do 2019 – Design hackathon

Textile & Fashion 2030
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Transfashional – Post/Inter/Disciplinary Lexicon
Dobrila Denegri
di: Angewandte

Bayong Beads, Banana Palm and Glass Yarn
Catch Up – Puma’s Employee Magazine


Fashioned From Nature
Abigail Jones
Bare Minimum Magazine:

“Today, designers are much more conscious of the effects that they have on the environment with their creations. Naomi Bailey-Cooper is one such designer.”

10 Hot Stories: Fashioned from Nature
Grazia UK:

“Far from dwelling on the past, Fashioned from Nature also looks at the innovative fabrics of today that help form part of the solution to fashion’s enormous environmental footprint – from a clutch bag made from pineapple fibres to feathers spun from glass.”

Fashioned From Nature Exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London
Imogen Lamport
Inside Out Style:

“Naomi Bailey-Cooper uses unconventional materials with unusual textures to create new forms of adornment.  Inspired by feather and fur embellishment she has threaded spun glass through strips of wild rubber, which she has attached to a dress of ahimsa silk organza. Ahimsa stands for “non-violence”.  It’s a more humane method of obtaining silk where the silk is extracted after the silkworm has emerged from its cocoon.”

Fashioned From Nature
Ella Britton
JWT Intelligence:

“Naomi Bailey-Cooper has attached threaded spun glass and wild rubber to a dress made of ahimsa silk, which is humanely obtained after the silkworm has emerged from its cocoon.”

Culture Review
P. Gargiulo and C.Courtois
Télématin, France2 

Labverde: Art Immersion Program in the Amazon, Labverde, 2017